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Schedule for ProductCamp Vancouver 2020


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8:00–8:45 Registration and Networking – Breakfast, sponsored by Corporate Recruiters
8:45–9:15 Opening Remarks & Welcome – Reliance Theatre

Keynote: What Works and What Doesn’t | Lessons from a Decade in Product Management
by Stephen Menon, SVP of Product and Design at Finn AI

Watch the full keynote here

Reliance Theatre Rennie Hall A1010 Boardroom 

Failing fast. Learning Often.

Eric Bin 

Fix your funding model and you’ll fix your product world

Khaleel Amarshi



Cutting through the myths of being a new(ish) Product Manager

Hussain Dhanani 

Top 3 conversations in the UX Community: AI, Ethics, Research

Elynn Lorimer


The Power and Impact of Product Marketing

Tamara Grominsky

Creating Empowered Product Teams

Partho Ghosh

When should Product Managers be fired?

Ravi Patel, Chris Edwards, Jeanine Longley

Why did you steal my product?

Aditi Choudhary

Noon–1:00 Lunch, sponsored by agile42 Canada
1:00–1:45 Prioritizing your Product Backlog

Naga Vangala

Best Practices for Go-To-Market Strategy in a Cross-Functional World 

Yvonne Chow

Coupling and Threading Discovery Activities to Uncover Opportunities

Dominic Wong

Breaking into Product Management: tips from PMs to future PMs

Paul Save, Nancy Zenger, Osama Khan, Nicole Tai

2:00–2:45 Goal setting: using measurable outcomes to drive alignment

Filip Machat

Product-led growth: strategies and tactics for high performing products teams

Ruben Ugarte 

Yet another hat: tackling product marketing at a startup

Britt Skolovy

Crowd vs. Expert Product Ideation & Discovery

Dave Sharrock


The Power of Effective Feedback

Patrick Barrington, James Zhan

How your “one-pager” can make or break your product

Gabriel Hernandez

Becoming a Data Science Product Manager

Paul Save

How to do Product Innovation

Lena Sesardic

4:00–4:30 Closing Remarks (Reliance Theatre)